This Show Has Closed

Returning December 18th at 7:00pm (pst)
Conceived by Richard Winchester & Written by Mark Sargent
Directed by Angela McKennie
Stage Manager - Jason Coffey
Producer/ Costumer/Set Design/Prop Master - Donald Horn
Videographer - David Kinder/Kinderpics

Based on the actual Christmas Eve live radio broadcast of the Crawford family from their Brentwood mansion in the late 1940s, Christmas with the Crawfords is a loving homage to and parody of Hollywood's "Golden Age". It’s filled with appearances by major Tinsel Town icons, such as Judy Garland, Carmen Miranda, Gloria Swanson and the Andrews Sisters. Magic, music and mayhem rule the holidays as Mommie Dearest tries to prove to the world she's not all washed up, only to have her evening come crashing down in a campy mélange of cat fighting and family feuding.

Daria Eliuk
Carmen Miranda/Gloria Swanson/LaVerne Andrews
Collin Carver
Judy Garland and Patty Andrews
Colin Kane
Christopher/Christina/Kate Hepburn
James Sharinghousen
Mae West/Ethel Merman/Maxine Andrews
Dave Cole
Baby Jane and Hedda Hopper
Jeremy Anderson-Sloan
Joan Crawford