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Musicals from the Quarantine

Six original musicals responding to the COVID-19 crisis.
Each episode includes a "behind the scenes" talk with the artists.

Krista Knight, Derek Hassler & Ryan Kerr, Rachel Kunstadt, Briana Harris & Teresa Lotz, Charles Inniss & Christopher Inniss, Marcus Scott, Blake Allen & Marc Chan, Annette Storckman, Naomi Matlow & Andi Lee Carter, Claire Tran & Blake Allen

Dev Bondarin, Emily Brown, Daniella Caggiano,
Kristin Rose Kelly,Justin Schwartz, Tony White

Dana Aber, Iris Beaumier, Bailey Carlson, Ariel Leigh Cohen, Leana Rae Concepcion, Kristina Dizon, Ellis Gage, Charles Inniss, Christopher Inniss, Daryl Inniss, Staci Jo Johnston, Osei Kwakye, Bee Michael, Michael Orlandi, Jonathan "JP" Patton, Jason Pintar, Erin Solér, William Spinnato, Sara States, Taïs Szilagi, Tony White, Jeff Williams

Artistic Producer: Teresa Lotz
Sound & Audio Consultant/Engineer: Anthony Spinnato
Graphic Design: Sheila McArdle


Crumbling infrastructure,
poison water,
distant gunfire,
political ads.

What does the future hold, and who will be there to shape it? From award-winning Austin, Texas-based playwright Cyndi Williams comes a timely epic of survival and the fight for a better tomorrow.


- Joanna Carpenter
- Arlene Chico-Lugo
- Christine Donnelly
- Caitlin Duffy
- Ian Campbell Dunn
- Tom Green
- Natasha Hakata
- John C. Hume
- Brandon Jones
- Brynne McManimie
- Peter Romano
- Mahima Saigal
- Cliff Sellers
- Matt Welsh